Blogging 101: Creating a Successful Blog, Makes a Happy Blogger

Photo Credit: Scott Beale via Compfight cc

Welcome to Blogging 101…I hope all of you reading are experienced bloggers because I am currently new to the blogging scene and find it to be difficult at times. I have found myself struggling with creating a blog that grabs the audience’s attention. All bloggers create a blog that they find to be interesting and want other bloggers reading to find it interesting as well. Blogging is similar to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, everyone wants to get their statuses liked and shared or tweets to be retweeted. It is going to be a journey to get to where the professional bloggers are, but the journey will be the experience that helps me grow and one day I will be a professional blogger. There are many tips out there from people who are or have experienced the struggle in blogging. I found a few tips to be the most effective in creating a successful blog…


Use your skills to inform and inspire your audience. Use your creativity about what is interesting to you that will be interesting to your audience too. Decide how you will interact with your audience and how you will keep them wanting to read more of your work.


You have personality, so use it in your blog. Do not be generic, tell your story of experience to your audience. Make it known to your audience that your goals are professional and real. Inspire your audience in your blog.


The title catches the readers attention. Make the title intriguing and the reader will want to make a cup of coffee, take out a croissant and read your blog. Keep the titles simple and short, but provide information to the audience. Do not fool the audience.


Successful bloggers use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google to create a community of new and returning readers.


Make sure you keep your readers up to date with news that is not old news.


So I know it will be difficult in the beginning but I am looking forward to the future of my blogging because everyone starts off rough but gets back up and carries on…


Have a great day everyone!





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