The Unofficial Tradition at ISU, during Homecoming

Photo Credit: Darwin Bell via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Darwin Bell via Compfight cc

Every year at Indiana State, it is Sycamore tradition that the morning of the homecoming game, there be a Blue & White parade where organizations, fraternities and sororities will show their Sycamore pride. Directly after the parade the tailgate party begins called “Tent City.” This is where fraternities, sororities and organizations have giveaways, food, drinks and many more things. All of these events are ISU traditions, but one “ritual” some students call this is “The Walk.” “The Walk” has been an unofficial tradition at ISU for years. It is not university sponsored but this unofficial tradition is to promote safe drinking along Brown and Wabash Avenue. Students participating in this drinking game will hit every bar down the strip to Memorial Stadium and hit a drink or more at every bar or Beer Garden on the path to Tent City. For students safety, there are designated walkers who make sure intoxicated students aren’t risking their lives be irresponsible. Although this is an unofficial tradition, most students, family members, alumni’s, etc. think of it as a tradition during homecoming.

My experience during “The Walk” has been a safe and exciting one. Homecoming is a time to enjoy times with friends and family. Therefore I do encourage students. family and alumni to experience “The Walk” either as a drunk walker or a designated walker because no matter what it will be a fun, new experience. On the bright side, most of the alcoholic beverages are discounted during this time….


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