Code of Ethics

Our organization takes full responsibility and commitment in demonstrating outstanding values in a company  with high standards. The employees hired to are company demonstrate that they live and work by our values. Therefore below are a few ethical behaviors our company ask of our employers. Every piece of ethics below should be followed by all of our employees.


Courtesy: behavior in a polite respectful manner.

  • Individuals with the company are required to maintain a respectful and well-mannered working environment inside and outside the company. Therefore disrespect is prohibited when working with this company.

Honesty: speaking the truth in a respectful, honest manner.

  • The employees of the organization will be truthful to, one another from the moment of hire.
  • Any employee of the company caught in a serious lie will be faced with consequences.

Personality: a combination of characteristics or qualities that creates an individual’s character.

  • The company will consist of a mix of different characteristics of people working for the organization. All great minds don’t think alike.
  • Therefore, the employees should have differences in behavior patterns, cognition and emotion.

Reliability: the state of being accountable for any action that is positive or negative.

  • The employees need to understand from moment of hire that the individual will be held responsible for any liabilities being in a positive or negative action.

Non-discrimination: conformity with rules or standards.

  • All employees of a company must be eligible for the same benefits, regardless of position within the company or race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, physical ability, national origin, etc.



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