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There is a new delivery service that is hopping around the Terre Haute area

TERRE HAUTE, IN (November 12, 2014) – Brown Bunny Delivery Service located on 650  Cherry Street, is officially hopping into business.

Brown Bunny offers restaurants and grocery delivery services to Indiana State University students and the local community. The business delivers from several partnered restaurants and Baeslar’s Market. Brown Bunny maintains each delivery to be fresh upon arrival with the highest advanced technology, to provide customers with the best quality service.

“Our missions is to maintain a good speed and quality in our service,” the company President  Kenneth Reginald Walker II, said.

The foundation of the company began with five ISU students. This business began in Chicago, Illinois as a small delivery service for the people living around the city and has branched to our local community. Brown Bunny officially opened for business in Terre Haute in October 2014. Their plan is to continue branching out to ISU students and the local community in hopes of increasing the recognition of their business.

Hours of operation are 10am-10pm, eastern time. To find more information about Brown Bunny Delivery Services, or to place an order and contact the company, please check out their Facebook page or official website located with a link below.

Brown Bunny Facebook

Brown Bunny Delivery Services

Fact Sheet

History of Organization

  1. In October 2014, the Brown Bunny Delivery Service officially opened to the Terre Haute community. The company was founded by five students attending Indiana State University. They are beginning to be recognized as the delivery service with the bunny that is brown.


  1. This company’s vision for success begins with creating a bond with their customers. They do not want to be seen a competitor with Delivery-To-Go, but as another opportunity for students to get involved with delivery services and get paid for it. Brown Bunny Delivery Services can benefit people looking for jobs.


  1. The purpose of Brown Bunny Delivery Services is to make it easier for students without transportation to order groceries or food from restaurants. This includes local residents outside of the university as well.


  1. Brown Bunny Delivery Service’s goal is to use the most advanced technology in the food industry by providing the highest quality service delivery vehicles with food warmers, coolers and freezers.
  2. Their next goal is to improve customer satisfaction each time of their delivery services. Then there is speed, service and quality, which is their mission and pledge to the company.

Call to Action

  1. If you want to order now, please do so online at their Facebook page or official website. Once your order is ready, the team will “hop right to it.” Remember if you have no transportation for groceries, call Brown Bunny and they will hop to your order.


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